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Thank you to all of my girls. Seriously thank you. I got the privilege of looking after all of you during one of the most important and profound year of your lives. I am so honored to have watched you all grow up and find yourselves. You all have grown into the most beautiful and outstanding women. I can not wait to see where all of my little falcon babies end up. So I’m going to keep this kind of short and not get too sappy.

Thank you.

Thank you for

  • letting me be super hyper and barging into your rooms on the first day of college


  • letting me give you crappy door decs even though you guys know that took a long time to make
  • letting me put glitter on all of your door decs
  • letting me talk your ears off in the bathroom
  • letting me yell at you for quiet hours


  • listening to me
  • allowing me to draw cheesy pictures on my white board
  • dealing with me never updating my white board.
  • understanding that my nap time is precious



  • understanding that I had a very busy schedule and respecting my time
  • teaching me patience
  • letting me tweet you pics of dogs
  • dealing with the fact that I never wore pants

no pants

  • also making fun of my big fleece navy pullover (LOL You all know that pullover)
  • sharing your food
  • comforting me during an emotional and rough time
  • letting my room look like a bomb went off
  • knowing I am a freaking psycho when I am stressed


  • being open with me and sharing your problems
  • letting me help you
  • dealing with my grumpy butt on sundays after a long saturday night


  • always saying hi when I was at the desk
  • valuing my opinion
  • being the best 34 girls I could have ever been blessed with

I would never trade my year with you girls for anything. When you guys came to me for advice I was always so astonished to know that you really wanted it and respected my opinion. You don’t know that when I heard about you girls succeeding on a test, or getting a job, or just being happy that I was so proud. I seriously felt like a mom sometimes. I worried every night if you guys were ok and if you would get back home alright. I was protective of you. I felt like a momma hen with all her little freshman chickies running around BG. If anyone hurt you I was ready to kick butt. I couldn’t though because I had to let you learn and grow. I’m happy to be able to say that you guys aren’t chickies any more but I will always still be your momma hen (plz don’t call me that).

olaf love

I hope that you all know that you can still come to me with anything. I mean it. I miss you all everyday. It’s too quiet in my life with out my girls.