I have an unpopular opinion, I know. Just hear me out. Don’t get me wrong I fall victim to these cute and adorable insta posts and retweets on twitter of some adorable couple traveling the world or doing something so incredibly cute it makes me want to puke. Then I’m jealous because I don’t have something like that.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 2.52.30 PM

Newsflash these are just pictures. The perfect couple lit up on our little iPhone screen could cheat on each other every weekend. We don’t know how that couple is in real life. They could fight every second of every day but look so cute as soon as a camera is turned on them. Trust me I know how this works. Don’t we ever think about what we really want in a relationship rather than what we want everyone else to see?

These last two years at college I have met two couples that have seriously inspired me to rethink what I want as my “relationship goals”. These two couples have so much love that it just radiates from them. I can’t help but be so happy when I am with them. Their goals are to make each other feel so loved and special. Not to look cute for an Instagram picture, although they always do. To give love, to be loved, and to feel special. Those are my relationship goals. Well those and that my future boyfriend has to love dogs and the beach as much as I do.

Pups at the beach

I know everyone has some different type of “goal” in mind. Some of these goals might be a make it or break it type of deal.You won’t see me wanting to be the cute picture of a boyfriend and a girlfriend hunting. No thank you, I’d rather cuddle the animals instead of kill them.

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You won’t see me wanting to be the picture of the power workout couple. (I’m LOLing at that mental image of myself). Trust me you do not want to see me working out.

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You will absolutely never hear me talk about how cool it would be if I had a gamer boyfriend and we gamed together. I can’t even figure out how a computer works let alone figure out some intense game. I would actually would rather talk to you than game with you.

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Those things I don’t want could be some other persons dream. So you see what I mean? “Relationship Goals” are irrelevant because they are so different to each and every person.

I guess what I am getting at is that I challenge you to think about what you truly want in your relationship or future relationship rather than wish you were some staged cutesy picture you see online. Instead of thinking that you want some relationship that is probably not real, just reflect on what you really want from the other person in your life. Anyways I know Mila and Ashton are the real “relationship goals” that we are all longing for.

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The sooner this “goals” fad dies out, and I really hope it does, the sooner we will all start to really think about what we truly want. Just remember we can’t see love, security, trust, and loyalty through a picture.